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How UKCAT heavy are the Universities?

Following requests after my guide to show how GCSE heavy Universities are, I have done the same for the UKCAT. They are arranged in the same way, from most UKCAT heavy to least UKCAT heavy (of course BMAT schools are not included). Please note, I have used a holistic approach for this, Universities that have a large proportion of their weighting on the UKCAT have been listed as “heavier” even if they have had low cut-offs in the past, this is because from year-to-year the applicants may vary, if one year the cutoff is low, candidates with very good UKCAT scores may apply thinking its a safe choice therefore raising the cut-off. I have also put Univerisites with historically high cut-offs as “heavy” also. I have included in the heading what decile I would be in to apply to these universities, please note this is just a guide and what I would go by if I was applying again. I hope this makes sense, if you have any queries feel free to ask. 

Anyway, onto the list!:

UKCAT Heaviest (good if you have a very high score 8/9 decile+)
Newcastle University
University of Glasgow
University of Exeter 
UKCAT is heavy but used with other factors (above average score 6/7 decile+)
University of Sheffield
University of Nottingham
Queen’s University Belfast
University of St Andrews
University of Southampton
Hull York Medical School
University of Leicester
Barts and the London
UKCAT is still used but not as much as other factors (average score 5 decile+)
University of Aberdeen
University of Birmingham
University of Dundee
University of Edinburgh
King’s College London
University of Manchester
University of Liverpool
St George’s, University of London
Plymouth University  
Not UKCAT heavy (average and below average score)
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
Keele University

Another final piece of advice is to wait until the final UKCAT deciles have been released, there is no real need to apply before 15th October and your score may change deciles between the prelim and final results, especially if you have a borderline score.

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