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So you've submitted your application… what next?!

Aside from constant refreshing everyday, here are some things that you can begin to do in preparation for your (hopefully) upcoming interviews.
1. Focus on your exams. My number one tip if you are still doing your A levels or IB or equivalent is to keep studying and revising so you get the grades at the end of the year. There’s no point in having any offers if you can’t meet them at the end of the academic year.
2. Read around current medical topics and research going on. Especially read around the university’s you’ve applied for and some current research they’ve done. This could help you in your interviews.
3. Start some interview preparation, it often takes people time to gain confidence whilst being interviewed. By practicing early you will get a head start. Record yourself answering some questions (I will be posting some practice questions soon, so keep an eye out), you will pick up any bad habits such as not making eye contact and fidgeting. 
4. Start shopping! You’re going to need a smart outfit for interviews. I left mine to the last minute and really struggled to find some shoes, so start having a look now during your breaks from revision. 
5. If possible, attend an interview course. I found this very useful as it was the only real way of getting in some interview preparation. Without doing this I would have been so incredibly nervous in the interviews that I would not be able to perform well and would have probably gotten rejected. I cannot stress enough that interviews need to be prepared for, some candidates think that because they have outstanding grades they will get a place with sheer charm, but unfortunately that’s not the way it works. Some preparation needs to be done in order to help you perform to your potential, the interview is just as important as academic exams.

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