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Top 5 Tips for Interviews

1) Be confident, or at least pretend to be confident: Body language is equally as important as what you actually say. If you give a great answer but fidget the entire time or mumble, you won’t score as highly as possible. Its easier said than done, but if you practice enough and familiarise yourself with the interview format you should feel more confident in what you are doing.
2) Read about the university: Its really important that you read about the university that you are interviewing at, even if its not your top choice. Read about general facts about the course, the area and the univerisity as well as focusing on a few things that you would be particularly interested about, for example, a sport club or a society you may want to join.
3) Keep up to date with the news: Its very possible that one of your questions may be on a current news topic, so you should keep up to date with the news and just have a general idea of what is going on, as well as knowing about new technologies. BBC News worked well for me.
4) Do not panic: This is moreso when you are actually in the interview. One thing that can be particularly scary is when an interviewer starts debating with you. Its easy to think that they hate you which is the reason for them arguing with you, but often its because they care about your opinions and what you are saying and they want to know more about how you think. Interviewers often see tens, if not hundreds of candidates each day, if they start probing you for more information, its because they want to hear more from you.
5) Dress smartly: Whilst this is not the most important factor, you do want to make a good first impression. Just wear something you may wear as a doctor. So no jeans or trainers.

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